Futu Securities CEO: data-driven wealth management will displace traditional providers

Dennis Wu, CEO of Futu Securities, speaks in this video about how data is helping new companies take marketshare in wealth management

What does R3 say when you ask about use cases?

Blockchain development consortium R3 explains the work it is doing to lay the groundwork for applications The first full version of its distributed ledger, Corda, is slated for release by the end of

Ethereum explained: by Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum is a blockchain technology that is designed to be universal, supporting all manner of applications and functions, says its creator, Vitalik Buterin Its use cases are proliferating: startup t

“We’re the bank of the future” says crypto exchange CEO Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee, CEO of Shanghai-based BTCC, a digital asset exchange, says those digital trading platforms that survive consolidation will become de-facto banks. “We see ourselves as the bank of the f

Intelligent Lending Advisers readies P2P fund for Asian investors

Intelligent Lending Advisers, a buy-side firm based in Boston, is preparing to launch a Bermuda-registered fund to accredited investors in Asia that taps into U.S. unsecured consumer loans. Tom Gra

Universal digital identity – How to get it right?

Standard Chartered's group chief information officer, Michael Gorriz, explains the strategy behind the bank's work with KYC Chain and initiatives such as Singapore's PayNow Banks are poised to serve

Prive Managers helps banks serve the rich, but it could be used for more

Charles Wong, CEO at Hong Kong-based Prive Managers, a technology company that designs processes and solutions for wealth managers and family offices, says the company is releasing updates that could
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DigFin Vox 20 – R3’s DLT strategy

R3 has pivoted from its initial ambition of rolling out blockchain apps, to focus on the foundational technology Dave and Jame discuss what this means for use cases among financial institutions for d