Bitcoin and blockchain need to play ‘defense’ on privacy

Privacy concerns trouble even permissioned blockchains, says Dekrypt Capital’s Howard Wu, because without privacy, digital currencies can’t be fungible.

KPMG wants name removed from Lattice80 website

Joe Cho insists the fintech hub will reopen, despite the original site’s lease being taken over by MAS following unpaid bills.

Taiger eyes B Round of fundraising

The A.I. company goes for more after banking S$8 million.

Why private banks can’t advise on crypto

Markus Mueller of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management details what must happen before private banks can add crypto-currencies to client portfolios.

“We want 1,000 partners”: DBS’s Neal Cross

DBS will have 100 API-linked partners by the end of 2018, but it wants an ecosystem 10 times that size, to remain relevant as big non-finance companies enter banking.

Seasonalife to extend insurance comparison to financial planning

Insurtech Seasonalife is extending the features from product comparison to financial planning.

Remittance hub OKLink advances bank participation

OKLink says it is close to signing banks onto its service.
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DigFin Vox 20 – R3’s DLT strategy

R3 has pivoted from its initial ambition of rolling out blockchain apps, to focus on the foundational technology.
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