Prive Managers helps banks serve the rich, but it could be used for more

Charles Wong, CEO at Hong Kong-based Prive Managers, a technology company that designs processes and solutions for wealth managers and family offices, says the company is releasing updates that could

DarcMatter may raise capital to fund Asia expansion

DarcMatter's online network matches LPs such as family offices with alternative asset managers The New York-based firm is likely to raise Series A...

DigFin Vox 16 – Deutsche goes digital

Deutsche Bank is about to launch a new digital interface for its high-net-worth clients, starting in Hong Kong and Singapore. Is it playing catchup, or is its tech strategy going to win new wealth-man

Deutsche Bank prepares digital wealth-management launch

Deutsche Bank intends to introduce the first iteration of its digital service for wealth-management clients in August, pending regulatory approvals in Hong Kong and Singapore, the two markets where th

Next for Crossbridge’s robo: self-directed trading

Crossbridge Capital is working to augment its robo-advisory service, Connect, with self-directed trading for its high-net-worth clients in Singapore. Charlie O’Flaherty, head of digital strategy

DigFin Vox 12 – UBS’s RegTech move

UBS parters with a RegTech startup, FinChat, to bring the use of messaging apps into compliance. What's the spur, who wins – and who could lose? Jame and Dave discuss the implications for this lates

UBS partners with FinChat so bank R.M.s can use messaging apps

UBS Wealth Management is embarking on a proof-of-concept project with Singapore-based FinChat meant to bring relationship managers’ communications with customers over messaging apps into compliance.

P2P Yirendai to take on fintech rivals in wealth management

Yirendai, a Chinese online consumer finance marketplace, intends to move into the wealth-management space – and compete against the biggest internet finance companies in China – as it navigates th

DigFin Vox 08 – U.S. P2P for Asian investors

A fintech startup in Hong Kong is leveraging the technology of Chinese P2P company Dianrong to give professional investors in Asia access to U.S. online marketplace loans. Dave and Jame discuss how it

Ex-Citibanker Maggie Ng readies U.S. consumer loans via Dianrong tech

A former consumer lending and risk officer at Citibank is launching a business to bring US consumer loans to Asian investors, by connecting peer-to-peer networks using technology developed in China.
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DigFin Vox 20 – R3’s DLT strategy

R3 has pivoted from its initial ambition of rolling out blockchain apps, to focus on the foundational technology Dave and Jame discuss what this means for use cases among financial institutions for distributed-ledger technology

DevOps: explained by CyberArk’s Jeffrey Kok

DevOps refers to the way agile workflows have been extended throughout an organization It is a management technique, using technology to align diverse...

Soul Htite: technology can let banks serve everybody

Soul Htite, founder of Dianrong, speaks in this video about how banks can harness technology to retain their relevance He tells an audience of finance professionals that their industry's future is already being decided by the massed unbanked, through digital technology