DigFin Vox 19 – Digital identity

Banks are at the forefront of efforts around digital identity, as Standard Chartered's Michael Gorriz has told DigFin Jame and Dave discuss the vision for identity in banking and other services, what

“We’re the bank of the future” says crypto exchange CEO Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee, CEO of Shanghai-based BTCC, a digital asset exchange, says those digital trading platforms that survive consolidation will become de-facto banks. “We see ourselves as the bank of the f

Universal digital identity – How to get it right?

Standard Chartered's group chief information officer, Michael Gorriz, explains the strategy behind the bank's work with KYC Chain and initiatives such as Singapore's PayNow Banks are poised to serve

Regtech Commugen seeks seed funding to support Asia entry

Commugen, an Israeli technology company that provides tools to help financial institutions and governments manage their I.T., including cyber security and compliance, plans to raise seed funding this

IncomLend seeks scale by attacking supply-chain finance

IncomLend, a startup online marketplace for loans to small companies in Asia, is now looking to partner with large corporations and banks in order to achieve greater scale. Morgan Terigi, co-founde

DigFin Vox 15 – P2Ps in Southeast Asia

Capital Match is aiming to become the second online marketplace lender to operate in multiple markets in Southeast Asia - after Funding Societies. These P2Ps offer different products, different approa

Security paramount if Visa is to go beyond plastic

The bulk of fintech companies participating in Visa’s sandboxes in Hong Kong are using its customer data to develop security measures, says Caroline Ada, the payments company’s country manager for

DigFin Vox 14 – digibank changes ops

DBS digiBank launched in India last spring. How has it fared? What's next? And how is digital banking changing the way financial institutions operate? Jame and Dave discuss how things are shaping up.

Capital Match taking on Funding Societies in regional P2P arena

Funding Societies is the only Southeast Asian P2P online marketplace that operates in multiple markets, but that is likely to change. Singapore rival Capital Match is lining up strategic partnerships

DBS redefining ‘operations’ to support digibank

The launch of DBS’s all-digital bank in India last year is as much a transformation of the bank’s operations as it is meant to be a new customer experience – so much so that the digital bank is
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Soul Htite: technology can let banks serve everybody

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DigFin Vox 20 – R3’s DLT strategy

R3 has pivoted from its initial ambition of rolling out blockchain apps, to focus on the foundational technology Dave and Jame discuss what this means for use cases among financial institutions for distributed-ledger technology