Finquest adds prediction to M&A analytics

Finquest is adding predictive analytics to its Asian M&A business.

Blue Pool arming London investors with A-share ammo

The Hong Kong-based fintech, which combines A.I. with capital-markets expertise, says China’s entry to MSCI’s index creates an opportunity for alpha-seekers.

Factury hopes to create first crypto bond market

The company’s FIC Network is designed to use blockchain tech to originate and distributed fixed-income securities in new ways.

Utility Settlement Coin all about the “P” in DVP, says State Street

State Street’s Pinar Emirdag says the bank consortium behind USC wants to create DLT-based infrastructure for cash-leg settlements.

Bulge-bracket money headed for crypto-currencies

Andrew Keys and Gil Penchina, token and investor veterans, swap notes on how the big money is coming into digital assets – and why.

BitMEX U.S. equity swaps for Bitcoin users pushed to Q4

Arthur Hayes told DigFin in March he was introducing structured products – we follow up.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange setting up licensed ICO haven

GBX to provide licensed, out-in-the-open home for listing and trading blockchain businesses.

BNP Paribas CIB prepares business to go beyond transactions

BNP Paribas’s head of artificial intelligence is helping lay the foundation for a new business model in corporate and investment banking.

AMTD to list fintech investment platform – but where?

Financial-services firm AMTD Group will spin off its fintech investment activities into a listed company, possibly in Singapore.

Upstart interdealer broker AiX plans steep commission cuts

Startup interdealer broker AiX will use machine learning and blockchain to create a service with much lower headcount - and commissions far lower than incumbents'.

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Artificial intelligence: as explained by Eberhard Schoneburg

A.I. is in high demand – but often fails to live up to its promises. Eberhard Schoneburg explains how it works and why A.I. doesn’t always deliver.

Capital Match moves in on H.K. invoices

Capital Match says it will open doors in Hong Kong in January 2018.

Crossbridge’s new version targets Southeast Asian markets

Crossbridge Capital is going to launch a new version of their robo-advisory service, Connect 3.0.
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