DigFin Vox 17 – Blockchain at DTCC

DTCC, which processes hundreds of millions of trades a day, is expanding its projects related to blockchain, as it finds new uses for distributed ledger technology Jame and Dave discuss the challenge

As distributed ledgers diversify, DTCC will expand projects

New York-based Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, which processes hundreds of millions of financial transactions every day, is considering a dozen more pilot programs to use blockchain, in add

Organizing data is priority for BNP Paribas in capital markets

BNP Paribas's Pierre Rousseau says banks have plenty of data - but they struggle to take advantage of it because it's fragmented throughout...

Science Park’s Wong: HKEx private market can help our startups

Albert Wong Hak-keung, CEO of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), says the idea of a private market run by Hong Kong’s stock exchange could be a boon for tech startups seekin

DigFin Vox 13 – Helping blockchain mature

A new initiative, openANX, aims to make blockchain more institutionalized, and to help investing in crypto-currencies go mainstream. Jame and Dave discuss the project, and what needs to happen for bit

Superloop’s fiber aimed at banks…when they go cloud

They built it, so now will the banks come? Superloop, an Australia-based telecommunications company that lays fiber networks, is knocking on the doors of financial service companies in Hong Kong now t

IFC’s fintech investor sees big things for Bitcoin

Among many in the financial services industry, Bitcoin is of little interest – or an embarrassment, even. What bankers and insurers talk about is blockchain, the technology that enables the minting,

DigFin Vox 09 – DTCC’s blockchain projects

DTCC sits at the heart of the financial system, and is possibly the first large-scale firm to implement blockchain solutions. Jame and Dave discuss the thinking behind how and when blockchain, or dist

DTCC’s repo blockchain project nearing green light

DTCC, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, will know by the end of June whether its blockchain initiative for handling repurchase agreements can go into operation. If so, this will mark t

Contineo taking structured-products platform to Europe—slowly

Contineo, a bank-led technology consortium for trading structured products in Asia, is in the process of expanding its services to Europe, with aspirations to go live in the first half of 2018, says C
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As Allianz forges deals, data displaces old commercial metrics

Allianz's new data-science capabilities in Asia are helping transform the insurer into a digital organization capable of winning consumers currently underserved by financial institutions It is pursuing a raft of partnerships in which customer data is valued over traditional commercial metrics for a project, which in turn is impacting product design..

DevOps: explained by CyberArk’s Jeffrey Kok

DevOps refers to the way agile workflows have been extended throughout an organization It is a management technique, using technology to align diverse...

Soul Htite: technology can let banks serve everybody

Soul Htite, founder of Dianrong, speaks in this video about how banks can harness technology to retain their relevance He tells an audience of finance professionals that their industry's future is already being decided by the massed unbanked, through digital technology