Explaining financial technology sometimes works best when it comes from practitioners with a vested interest in, as well as a passion for, the topic. Glossary reports on industry players' own versions of these technologies, because they can be both more colorful and a little easier to understand than a dry, technical description. Readers should be aware, therefore, that these accounts will be self-serving. DigFin welcomes suggestions to add to or amend Glossary articles. Please contact us at

DevOps: explained by CyberArk’s Jeffrey Kok

DevOps refers to the way agile workflows have been extended throughout an organization It is a management technique, using technology to align diverse...

Ethereum explained: by Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum is a blockchain technology that is designed to be universal, supporting all manner of applications and functions, says its creator, Vitalik Buterin Its use cases are proliferating: startup t

Quantum computing: applications and challenges as explained by MIT

Of all the technologies that have applications and implications for financial services, quantum computing is the strangest and the most distant – but also the most profound. Commonwealth Bank of

Blockchain forks: as explained by Leonhard Weese, Bitcoin Association of H.K.

Blockchain and other decentralized, consenus-driven ledgers can have their rules changed by anyone on the network, but when there are dramatic differences, the...

Hyperledger: as explained by Brian Behlendorf of the Linux Foundation

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (or DLT, of which blockchain is one version) represents a profound technological change to financial institutions. Hyperledger has emerged as an open-sourc

Ethereum, as explained by Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys

Ethereum is one of those projects that has enormous implications for finance but is not yet at the point of influencing the industry. It may be getting closer, however, for Ethereum is pitched by its

Corporate venture: as explained by Digital Venture’s Paul Ark

“Corporate venture capital funds are seen as the less sexy version of VC,” Paul Ark told an audience. “But global corporate venture activity has been on a tear.” Ark is Bangkok-based managi

Blockchain: as explained by Fenbushi’s Remington Ong

The blockchain is a global trend, but one that is not widely understood. Yet consider this: In October 2016, Bank of China and HSBC announced a pilot program for mortgage services in Hong Kong. In

Bitcoin: as explained by BTCC’s Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee, founder of BTCC, the first Bitcoin exchange in China, says the Bitcoin network will prevail. “The reason is, because it will,” he said. He acknowledges Bitcoin is difficult to unders
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