Swiss Re pushes use of data for risk management

Yannick Even, recently appointed director of insurtech solutions, Asia, at Swiss Reinsurance in Hong Kong, says his goal is to help primary insurance companies adopt digitalization to improve risk man

Seasonalife’s comparison tool first step to ‘insurance robo’

A new Hong Kong insurtech, Seasonalife, has just introduced a tool to let independent brokers compare insurance products, which the founders see as the first step to a comprehensive business model aki

Galileo lining up pilots to sell life insurance over Quorum blockchain

Hong Kong-based fintech startup Galileo Platforms is in talks with an insurance company and with a distributor of insurance products to pilot the sales of life-insurance products over a blockchain, sa

AIA begins rollout of online self-service for customers

AIA is introducing a website for policyholders, branded MyPage, that is intended to drag a traditional, clunky platform into the 21st century and make it a means of enhancing revenues. Already, the
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R3 has pivoted from its initial ambition of rolling out blockchain apps, to focus on the foundational technology Dave and Jame discuss what this means for use cases among financial institutions for distributed-ledger technology

DevOps: explained by CyberArk’s Jeffrey Kok

DevOps refers to the way agile workflows have been extended throughout an organization It is a management technique, using technology to align diverse...

Soul Htite: technology can let banks serve everybody

Soul Htite, founder of Dianrong, speaks in this video about how banks can harness technology to retain their relevance He tells an audience of finance professionals that their industry's future is already being decided by the massed unbanked, through digital technology