Fund managers: if your clients are beating you at tech, you’re in trouble

Winning mandates and new talent will only get harder for mid-tier asset managers run by cynical or befuddled C-suite types hoping to cut costs and cash out before everyone else drowns.

How Jehan Chu is trying to institutionalize investing in digital assets

Kenetic Capital's Jehan Chu discusses his approach to investing in digital assets, the institutionalization of the market, and where the action will be next following China's crackdown on trading bitc

“We’re the bank of the future” says crypto exchange CEO Bobby Lee

The CEO of BTCC, a Bitcoin exchange in Shanghai, says his vision for the company is to offer traditional banking services.

Universal digital identity – How to get it right?

Standard Chartered's group chief information officer, Michael Gorriz, explains the strategy behind the bank's work with KYC Chain and initiatives such as Singapore's PayNow.

Bitcoin will cost us $788m and 408MW

The mining and distribution of Bitcoin comes with a cost hidden to most users, according to a member of the Bitcoin Core development community

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UBS asks Amazon’s Alexa for personalized service

UBS Wealth Management is experimenting with voice recognition, but security remains a concern.

Velotrade seeks SME invoices to add to factoring platform

The Hong Kong-based company is taking steps to grow its electronic network for buying and selling invoices.

Crossbridge’s new version targets Southeast Asian markets

Crossbridge Capital is going to launch a new version of their robo-advisory service, Connect 3.0.
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